We create engaging virtual video tour that connect potential buyers with your home.

Video Tours Will Help Sell Your House Faster 

Video Is Very Shareable 

Generates Pre-Qualified Leads

People Can Picture Themselves Living In The Property

Virtual Property Tour

Houses with poor images and lack of detail struggle to sell. 

Buying a house is a huge decision and you need as much information as possible to help you with it. Unprofessional images and a lack of detail of how your house flows can stop people from shortlisting your property.

Poor Images 

virtual tours for property

Dark images taken from the wrong angle will not show your house in the best light. 

Lack of Detail

video tours for property

A photo of a room only shows one thing. A video tour will show the finishing touches. 

No Emotion 

virtual property tours

It is hard to convey emotion in just a property photo, a video will show what it would be like to live there. 

At Avant Media, we create striking a virtual video tour that connect potential buyers with your home. Our videos convey what it actually would be like to live in your property in a way that just using photography simply cannot.

I know when we bought our last home we looked through dozens of properties on Rightmove. Did you find a property that excited you online only to find out on the viewing that it didn't really stand up to the photos taken? Virtual video tours avoid giving that sense of disappointment and ensure that you only attract pre-qualified leads, people that are really interested in your property. 

Avant Media is a virtual property tour and property photography company based in Hampshire.



Simply book a time when your home will be ready and at it's best. 


Estate Agent Virtual Tours



Property video tours


We'll give the virtual video to your estate agents who will post it online.

We film your virtual property tour for about 1-2 hrs. 

virtual property tours
virtual tours for property
video tours for property
Property Photography

How can a virtual video tour give your property the best chance of selling

Rightmove is flooded with poorly taken photos, unclear advertising and unemotionally marketed properties. Estate agents are experts in selling properties but they are not professional videographers and photographers.

If you want your house to stand out amongst the sea of other properties on the market then a video tour will give you the best chance.  

Avant Media is all about showing your home in the best light and really transporting a buyer there. If your home has great images, a beautiful video and an engaging description then your home will stand out from the competition.

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